Кимаритэ называют завершающее техническое действие, приведшее к победе в поединке одного из борцов. В современном сумо признано 82 основных приема.

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tokkurinage (two handed head twist down) — As the defender is leaning forward, the attacker will grab his head or neck with both hands. From this position, he will twist the defender down and over onto his back. This technique was also called gasshohineri but that name is now used to describe a variation of tokkurinage; one of the 12 techniques added in the 2001 winning technique list expansion. tokkurinage_pict ТОККУРИНАГЭ
tottari (arm bar throw) — This technique often develops from a pushing/thrusting exchange. The attacker will grab one of his opponent’s arms, usually at the wrist as he turns parallel to him. His free arm will then wrap around that arm from below. He will then bar it across his stomach or chest, forcing the opponent forward and down. tottari_pict ТОТТАРИ — опрокидывание соперника перед собой с использованием захвата двумя руками руки противника, сопровождаемым шагом в сторону или вперед. При этом одной рукой сумотори захватывает запястье одноименной руки соперника, а другой обвивает ту же руку с внешней стороны.
uwatedashinage (pulling overarm throw) — From an outside grip, the attacker will pull his opponent forward and down as he turns away from that opponent. The major difference between this technique and uwatenage (overarm throw) is that forward pull. uwatedasinage_pict УВАТЭДАСИНАГЭ — опрокидывание соперника при обоюдном захвате маваси (пояса). Рукой, захватившей маваси поверх руки противника, сумотори тянет соперника на себя, одновременно делая шаг назад и чуть в сторону и надавливая локтем на опорную руку противника, выводя того из равновесия.
uwatenage (overarm throw) — One of sumo’s most common throwing techniques, the attacker, from an outside grip, will throw his opponent into the clay by heaving him down at a sharp angle as he turns away from that opponent. uwatenage_pict УВАТЭНАГЭ — опрокидывание соперника при обоюдном захвате маваси (пояса) движением руки, захватившей маваси поверх руки противника. Один из самых распространенных приемов в сумо.
uwatehineri (twisting overarm throw) — This throw is done from an outside grip. The technique is done by twisting the opponent in the direction of that outside hand. It is commonly seen when the opponent is conciously defending against an uwatenage (overarm throw) because this throw has the attacker taking the defender in the opposite direction from uwatenhineri. uwatehineri_pict УВАТЭХИНЭРИ
ushiromotare (backward lean out) — This technique becomes possible when the defender has managed to circle behind the attacker, usually at the edge of the ring. From this position the attacker will lean into his opponent, forcing him back and over the edge or back and down. Ushiromotare is one of the 12 techniques added in the 2001 winning technique list expansion. ushiromotare_pict УСИРОМОТАРЭ
uchigake (inside leg trip) — As the attacker pulls his opponent forward, he will hook the opponent’s lead leg from the inside; hooking right leg to left leg or left to right. He will then pull the opponent’s leg out from under him, pulling with a circular motion, as he drives him over onto his back. utigake_pict УТИГАКЭ — опрокидывание соперника с использованием зацепа разноименной ноги противника с внутренней стороны при обоюдном захвате маваси.
uchimuso (inner thigh propping twist down) — This technique can be done from either an inside or outside grip. The attacker will sweep one of the defender’s legs up by hitting the inner thigh with the back of his free hand. As that hand makes contact with the opponent’s thigh, he will pull with his other hand in the same direction as the sweeping hand. utimusoh_pict УТИМУСО — опрокидывание соперника резким движением корпуса с использованием захвата рукой снизу с внутренней стороны разноименного бедра противника.
utchari (backward pivot throw) — This technique is used as a last ditch effort to win after the attacker has been driven to the edge. Before he can be forced out, the attacker will drop his hips while pulling the defender up and past him. In executing this technique, the attacker is quite often forced clean over onto his back. The only thing that earns him the win is the twisting motion of his hips, which often forces his opponent to touch down a fraction of a second before he does. uchari_pict УТТЯРИ
harimanage (backward belt throw) — A sacrifice technique usually done as a last ditch throw at the edge. The attacker will throw his opponent behind him by reaching over the opponent’s shoulder to grab the mawashi from behind and then pull him past his own body while twisting into him. The name comes from the image of a weak wave hitting a rock and then drifting past it. harimanage_pict ХАРИМАНАГЭ
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